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Kefir Sourdough DIY Package
Kefir Sourdough DIY Package
Kefir Sourdough DIY Package
Kefir Sourdough DIY Package

Kefir Sourdough DIY Package

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The first-ever kefir sourdough that your gut will love! Yes, even those who are gluten/wheat intolerant!

This is a ground-breaking recipe that you can now make at home!  I have tested my kefir sourdough on 7 people who have severe gluten and wheat sensitivity. They all reported feeling great after eating this bread!

Modern sourdough that you buy at your local baker or local health food store is not REAL sourdough. Usually, it is loaded with harmful ingredients like toxic flours, gums, and stabilizers (citric acid from mold). Many times it is not even fermented. If you see added yeast, vinegar, or lactic acid then you can bet it was not fermented.

This recipe (and consequently the bread you will bake) has only 4 ingredients: sea salt, filtered water, coconut milk kefir, organic flour. That is it!

Thanks to the powerful sourdough starter that you receive and the long fermentation time, you will feel amazing eating your own baked bread. Here is some science behind why you will feel amazing:
1. Because of the added kefir and powerful starter, the anti-nutrient phytate is broken down with the release of an enzyme phytase. Without this enzyme, phytates can cause mineral deficiency and dehydration due to electrolyte imbalance. Phytase enzymes break down phytates and release powerful nutrients that would not be available to your body otherwise.
2. Certain protease enzymes are released during the fermentation process so that gluten is broken down. Gluten can cause a leaky gut by signaling the body to produce zonulin that opens the tight junctions in the gut barrier. The fermentation process in this recipe breaks down gluten and nearly renders the bread gluten-free!
3. The starches in this sourdough are eaten by the microbes so the sugars are slowly digested by the body. This results in even blood sugar absorption. It will not spike your blood sugar and has been shown to be good for Diabetics.

This bread is different than any other sourdough. Here is why:
>>Added Kefir to give the bread more bacteria to balance the wild yeast
>>Very strong powerful starter full of wild yeast and bacteria
>>Long fermentation time
>>Use of organic, ancient Einkorn flour that is loaded with all B vitamins, minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and copper. Also, it contains carotenoids and lutein both powerful antioxidants. 

What you receive in this package (enough to make 4 loaves):
*powerful sourdough starter that will last a lifetime if you feed it
*two Fermenting Fairy hibiscus coconut milk kefir
*organic Einkorn flour
*organic Bread flour

What you need at home:
* high-quality salt (sea salt preferred)
*large mixing bowl
*parchment paper
*1-2 dutch ovens or bread dishes with lids

Click here for a detailed procedure to make it on your own. 
To make your own bread follow the following steps explained:

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