*NEW* Vanilla Spice Pear Sauce
*NEW* Vanilla Spice Pear Sauce
*NEW* Vanilla Spice Pear Sauce
*NEW* Vanilla Spice Pear Sauce
*NEW* Vanilla Spice Pear Sauce

*NEW* Vanilla Spice Pear Sauce

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**1st ever Probiotic Pear Sauce**

We all need this fermented pear sauce in our lives! I'll tell you why! Not only is it quite possibly The.Most.Delicious.Product we have to date, but it is also loaded with nutrients that are not present in most foods and are hard to get.

The nutrient, most notably, called Copper is abundant in pears. Copper is an essential trace mineral that is found in some foods but mostly animal foods. Pears are one of the few non-animal sources of copper. And because of the wild fermentation process we use, this makes the copper and other nutrients more bioavailable! 

Copper is needed in your body for energy use, break down and absorption of iron, building of collagen, connective tissue, bone and red blood cells. Copper supports normal brain development and is integral in conceiving and growing a healthy baby. It decreases free radicals and oxidative stress. Most people are deficient in this essential trace mineral, so eating delicious probiotic pear sauce makes it easy!

Here are just a few reasons why our Pear Sauce is unlike anything else:

-Vit C, Vit K and Copper "Pear" up to support immune function, build healthy bones and teeth, support circulation and fight free radicals

-Contains a whopping 8 BILLION probiotics per jar (regular pear sauce has zero because it is pasteurized so all nutrition is gone)

-Has half of the amount of naturally occurring sugar than regular non-fermented pear sauce (bacteria love to eat sugar and carbohydrates so they can multiply into the millions and billions. They eat most of the sugars out of the pear sauce, so you get a low sugar pear sauce with lots of healthy bacteria and super nutrient dense)

-Contains high levels of Prebiotics and fiber due to keeping the skin on. Pears contain an abundance of prebiotic and dietary fiber, more so than most fruits, including apples. We leave the skin on of course!

-Excellent way to balance blood sugar if you pair it with protein like cottage cheese

-The combination of minerals, probiotics and fiber makes this pear sauce your #1 ally in having easy, regular bowel movements

-Raw and unpasteurized, never cooked or heated (most commercially available pear sauce has been heated to high temps destroying all nutrients)

Shelf life of our pear sauce: recommended to consume within 1-2 months of receiving. 

Ingredients: Organic variety of pears, house made organic coconut milk kefir, organic lemon juice, organic spices: ceylon cinnamon, clove, cardamom and nutmeg.

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