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Shipping Terms & Conditions

How we factor our shipping cost:

As much as we would like to compete with Amazon Free Shipping offers, because who doesn't LOVE free shipping, the reality is the high premium cost and quality of our products require very carefully chosen packaging.

We have superior quality living probiotic foods and drinks that will change your life. To maintain this superior quality we package our drinks and sauerkraut in glass bottles. Beware of fermented foods contained in plastic packaging. 

The plastic will leach into the food. In order to bring you the very best healing products to your doorstep, a lot of care goes into packaging. We also try to use eco-conscious packaging as much as possible.

We do our best to ship you the very best living product, bottled in glass, packed carefully to ensure limited damage.

Not an easy task, but one that we are continuously improving on. This is why our shipping fees may seem a bit high.

Once you taste the quality and receive the benefits, you will immediately understand why. 

For bulk orders; please contact for shipping rates.


We use UPS or FedEx to ship your package. We ship most packages on Mondays. To ensure your package ships on a Monday, your order must be placed Monday morning by 10 am PST. All other orders received after may be shipped the following day or the following week.


Please inspect the packaging of your item(s) when they arrive, if you notice any damage you should make note of it take a photo of it and contact us immediately.  If your item(s) do arrive damaged please contact us at and we will process an insurance claim on your behalf and replace the damaged goods. DO NOT EMAIL US THROUGH FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM. Please send photos within 48 hours of receipt of package. Thank you!


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25-32 $90
33-40 $125
41-48 $150
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57-64 $200
65-72 $225
73-80 $250
81-88 $275
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