Caraway Fennel Sauerkraut with L Glutamine
Caraway Fennel Sauerkraut with L Glutamine

Caraway Fennel Sauerkraut with L Glutamine

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***Your Fermenting Fairy products may not arrive cold. During the winter months we do not ship with ice.

They are safe and completely delicious upon arrival no matter what temperature they arrive. Please refrigerate upon receiving. Thank you!***

Ingredients: green cabbage, onions, caraway seeds, fennel seeds, carrots, L-glutamine, celtic sea salt, filtered spring water.

***All ingredients are organic

Our caraway fennel sauerkraut is inspired by the well known German caraway kraut of centuries ago. We uplifted the ancient recipe and added fennel seeds to balance the caraway flavor. Caraway and fennel seeds are known for their aid in digestion. They are also great for maintaining good levels of stomach acid. This kraut contains L-glutamine to help keep the mucosal lining of the gut healthy.

Very high in probiotic content and Vitamin C.

Crunchy, tangy, nutty, and low sodium make this kraut a crowd pleaser at any party.

Food pairings: Salads, sandwiches, wraps, kitchari, dogs, burgers, Reubens, avocado toast

***IMPORTANT: Your sauerkraut may leak a little juice on its way to you. Our food is alive and expands in transit which can produce a leak. This does not take away from the quality or quantity of the product. There are no replacement shipments for sauerkrauts that have leaked a bit in transit. If your jar has been broken, then a replacement will be sent no questions asked. Thank you for understanding!