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Cold and Flu Fighter
Cold and Flu Fighter

Cold and Flu Fighter

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Now more than ever, with novel viruses surfacing, keeping your immune system strong and powerful is the best thing you can do. Your body has the best built-in system for viruses and that is your Immune System! 90% of your immune system lives in your gut. It has been shown that increasing probiotic diversity in the gut is your first line of defense for fighting colds and flu.

Our products are the easiest and tastiest way to bring an abundance of diversity to your body so that you don't get sick or the duration is much shorter if you do get sick.

    Dosages: Get rid of your cold fast by adding to your diet 4 oz or more of kefir daily along with 2-3 tablespoons of applesauce. Then add in with lunch and dinner 2 tablespoons of kraut daily.


    Our product is safe and completely delicious upon arrival no matter what temperature they arrive because we only use environment friendly glass bottles. Please refrigerate upon receiving.

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