Reverse Reflux

Reverse Reflux

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Nearly 50% of the world's population has acid reflux/GERD issues. Nearly all of these people take PPIs to block the acid from moving up. PPIs are some of the most addictive and harmful groups of drugs available.

With diet and lifestyle changes, acid problems can be healed naturally without drugs.
Maintaining proper pH in the stomach, small and large intestine is critical for healthy bacteria to thrive. When the pH becomes too alkaline, then pathogens can take hold. Pathogens like H.Pylori and bacterial overgrowth in SIBO.
Fermented foods have an ideal acidity for the body as they contain probiotics that created the pH, which is also ideal for the human body. 
Eating fermented foods can keep and maintain perfect acidity so that acid reflux and GERD do not occur. They also help to break down food into micro and macronutrients so the body can utilize them.

If you are looking to manage acid problems naturally then our wild ferments are for you! If you are looking to get off your medications then our wild ferments are for you!

  • Non-Alcohol Vanilla Extract
  • Organic House-made Coconut Milk
  • Organic Hibiscus Flower
  • Live Probiotic Cultures
  • Cardamom Seeds
  • Organic Ginger
  • Organic Elderberries
  • Organic Lavender Flowers
  • Organic Ginger Root
  • Organic Fresh Pressed Lemon Juice
  • Organic Turmeric Root
  • Organic Cinnamon
  • Organic Clove
  • Organic Cardamom
  • Organic Black Pepper
  • Raw Cane Sugar (for fermentation purposes)
  • Rosewater & Filtered Water
  • 100% Vegan

    Dosages: Start with 2 oz of kefir per day in the morning for 3 days. Then increase to 4 oz daily. Begin to take small sips of lemonade before and after each meal. You can start to titrate off of PPI medications when you feel your body healing.

    Our product is safe and completely delicious upon arrival no matter what temperature they arrive because we only use environment friendly glass bottles. Please refrigerate upon receiving.

    By now we know we need these superfoods in our diet every single day! Fermenting Fairy products is the perfect solution. 

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