*NEW* Cinnamon Apple Sauce
*NEW* Cinnamon Apple Sauce - Fermenting Fairy
*NEW* Cinnamon Apple Sauce
*NEW* Cinnamon Apple Sauce
*NEW* Cinnamon Apple Sauce

*NEW* Cinnamon Apple Sauce

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How can apples get even healthier, you ask? Well, ferment them! There is a reason for the saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Apples are one of the most nutrient dense foods that contain very high levels of anti-oxidants. 

By fermenting apples, the high levels of anti-oxidants become more available and absorbable to your body thanks to the healthy bacteria who break it down before you consume it.

Here are just a few reasons why our Apple Sauce is unlike anything else:

-Quercetin and Vitamin C team up together as a potent anti-viral, decrease allergies (anti-histamine), decrease pain, eliminate inflammation

-Contains a whopping 5 BILLION probiotics per jar (regular apple sauce has zero)

-Has half of the amount of naturally occurring sugar than regular non-fermented apple sauce (bacteria love to eat sugar and carbohydrates so they can multiply into the millions and billions. They eat most of the sugars out of the apple sauce, so you get a low sugar apple sauce with lots of healthy bacteria)

-Contains high levels of Prebiotics and fiber due to keeping the skin on (regular apple sauce usually does not include the skin of the apple) 

-Raw and unpasteurized, never cooked or heated (most commercially available apple sauce has been heated to high temps destroying all nutrients)


*Organic Apples (multiple variety)

*Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

*Coconut milk kefir probiotic strains


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