Constipation Elimination

Constipation Elimination

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"I've been constipated and struggling to go for 30 years! One day of consuming your products did the job!"

I hear this all of the time! Why are our products so effective in creating a regular routine of pooping? The Lactobacillus family of bacteria helps to create mucus that "unsticks" the waste matter (poop) from the walls of the GI tract. Sometimes when we eat too much fiber or not enough we get bulky waste that gets stuck in our gut. If you have slow rhythmic motility then many times the bulky waste matter will have a difficult time getting pushed out.  If you don't have diversity in your gut then the fibrous matter sits and becomes toxic.
Our products have billions of diverse Lactobacillus strains within them thanks to our unique wild fermentation method. This is one reason why they work so well with alleviating constipation.

In addition, our products have a large amount of pre-digested fiber that your body does not have to work hard at breaking down. The healthy bacteria break it down for you. Pre-digested fiber gives you relief without the need to use a ton of energy to break down.  This is the best, all-natural, non-toxic way to poop on the regular. Throw away your laxatives that are poison! Fermenting Fairy is here for you to take the trash out ;)


  • Live Probiotic Cultures
  • Non-Alcohol Vanilla Extract
  • Organic House-made Coconut Milk
  • Organic Hibiscus Flower
  • Cardamom Seeds
  • Rosewater & Filtered water
  • 100% Vegan
  • Organic Green Cabbage
  • Organic Purple Cabbage
  • Organic Lemon Juice
  • Organic Ginger
  • Organic Onions
  • Sea Salt
  • Organic Fennel Seeds
  • Organic Caraway Seeds
  • Organic Carrots
  • L-glutamine
  • Sea Salt
  • Organic Ceylon Cinnamon
  • Organic Apples (multiple varieties)
  • Organic Ginger root
  • Coconut milk kefir probiotic strains

    Dosages:  Begin with 4 oz of kefir daily for 2 days. Then continue and add in 2 tablespoons of applesauce per day. With dinner and lunch eat 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut per day. Increase kefir amount if constipation continues.

    Our product is safe and completely delicious upon arrival no matter what temperature they arrive because we only use environment friendly glass bottles. Please refrigerate upon receiving. 

    By now we know we need these superfoods in our diet every single day! Fermenting Fairy products is the perfect solution. Check FAQ for shelf life.

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