Top 10 Tips For Healthy & Glowing Skin!

My top 10 tips for healthy & glowing skin are:

1. No makeup: no matter how nontoxic your makeup is, it still does not allow your skin to breathe and does its job of detoxing. Let your skin go naked.

2. High saturated fat intake: animal fats and coconut make up at least 60% of my daily diet. Saturated fats such as raw butter, ghee, raw egg yolks, and tallow have high concentrations of oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acids that are deeply nourishing for the skin. Plus these saturated fats have a perfect balance of Vit A, K, E, and D which are all protective of the skin barrier.

3. Wild fermented food every day: eating wild fermented foods every day increases the diversity in your microbiome. The more diverse your gut microbiome is, the more diverse your skin microbiome is. The microbiota in your gut and skin biome have immune-modulating capabilities to regulate the inflammatory response. The less inflammation, the clearer, and healthier your skin.

4. Bathe in the Sun daily: No sunscreen sunbathing. Every. Damn. Day. Don't let the multi-trillion-dollar cancer industry tell you the sun causes skin cancer. It doesn't.  

5. Shower and bath filters: The water coming through those pipes is loaded with toxins that are very harsh on your skin. Using a filter that filters out things like chloramine, fluoride, chloride, and heavy metals such as copper and iron will bring cleaner water to your skin.


6. Stop using soap daily: This might sound gross to some of you but using soap (even the nontoxic kind) every day is very drying to your skin. If you need to shower, use just filtered water and soap a few times per week.

7. POOP every day 1-3x: When you poop every day, your body takes out the trash. When you don't poop every day, toxins that need to get out of your body, build up and back up. This affects the quality of your skin. Your skin will need to take up the detoxing that your bowels are not doing. This can be overwhelming for your skin. Make sure you poop every day.

8. Hydrate with minerals: Dehydration can be damaging to your skin. Get enough high-quality salt (sodium) with zinc, selenium, magnesium, and potassium to stay hydrated and balanced. Food sources are the best for these minerals.

9. Barefoot as much as possible: Connect with the Earth. Ground. Let the Earth's negative charge negate your free radicals. I go barefoot as much as I can throughout the day. Even walking around in your home is better than shoes or slippers.

10. Be comfortable in your own skin: That glow comes from the inside. How you feel in your body. Sure, the above points help too but after all, the radiance we admire in others is an inside job. Find things about ourselves daily that you adore, love, and cherish.