5 Ways To Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome!

This topic is so important because a leaky gut is one side of the coin to optimal health. The other side is dysbiosis. Heal those two imbalances and watch your health soar!

Think of a tube that is made from a thin outer material. There are two openings, one on one end (mouth) and another on the other end (anus). This tube acts as a protective boundary that does not allow whatever substance that goes through it to leak out. This said substance should (in a perfect tube) go in one end and come out the other end. Some tubes allow very small particles through but most particles or material are passed to the other end. 

Occasionally this tube will get a few knicks in it or tears or holes. Now the protective barrier is no longer protective. What goes in one end does not come out the other end because the substance leaks out before exiting the tube. This is now a "leaky tube". 

I hope this tube analogy helps you understand what is happening when I talk about leaky gut. 

Now instead of buying a new tube (GI tract), you can put things through the tube that will help to seal the holes and that will help to fortify the thinning walls of the tube. 

Here are my top 5 ways to heal and seal those holes and recover from a leaky gut:

#1 Wild fermented foods/drinks: these contain an abundance of microbes that inoculate your gut and secrete short-chain fatty acids, proteins, and enzymes that heal the barrier of the gut.

#2 Grounding: we are electrical beings that need a surplus of electrons to diffuse any kind of inflammatory process whether from the outer environment or inner environment. Putting your bare feet on Earth not only draws in free electrons from the earth but grounding also draws in microbes from the soles of your feet to assist in healing leaky gut.

#3 Food with gelatin, collagen, and glycine: slow-cooked porridge or stews, slow-cooked meats, and 12-24 hour bone broths all contain incredible proteins that contribute to fortifying the mucosal barrier of the gut.

#4 Bio-available minerals:
 no not synthetic minerals, bioavailable meaning from a food source. Zinc from oysters, selenium from selenoexcell yeast, copper from beef liver, magnesium (only synthetic pill that is ok), sodium, potassium

#5 Sun exposure:
 getting morning light within the first two hours of waking signals the cells of the gut to regenerate. all you need is 10-15 minutes outside within the first two hours of sunrise, no glasses, sunscreen, or sunglasses. 

Your body can regenerate a new gut lining every 3-5 days if you give it the right stuff and keep the wrong stuff out! Let me know if this was helpful.