Ways To Reduce Acid Reflux Naturally!

Got GERD, Hopefully not! But if you do, I'm here to tell you that acid reflux and GERD along with Barrett's and silent reflux can all be healed naturally.

There are many health factors that contribute to reflux. Most doctors will tell you to take PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) to decrease stomach acid because you likely have too much acid. This could not be farther from the truth. The truth is that most people with these conditions suffer from too little, or not enough stomach acid. These over-the-counter drugs are some of the most habit-forming drugs out there. They may temporarily decrease symptoms but inevitably you will suffer from a long list of side effects that you'll need more medication. Don't fall for this!

A delay in gastric emptying is another cause for concern that can lead to reflux. When you have slow transient times, things can get backed up and trigger mechanical functions in the body that don't work efficiently. When things get backed up and you don't have enough acid to break down and absorb food, unwanted bacteria can show up in places they shouldn't be. H. pylori is one unwanted microbe and SIBO and SIFO are others. 

I am happy to report that my products have healed thousands of people with GERD and reflux without the use of medication. Many of my customers report a relief of symptoms right away. Many have also gotten completely off of their PPI medication. 

I am happy to report that my products have healed thousands of people with GERD and reflux. Try it here:

Fermented foods have an abundance of healthy microbes that can help balance the biome of the colon. When the colon is healthy and has an intact lining, then the upper portion of the GI tract can function better. Lactobacillus is an important family of microbes that fermented foods are abundant. Lactobacillus has been shown to rebalance the gut after prolonged use of PPI. 

Lactobacillus is also very competent in speeding up gastric emptying and helping to excite smooth muscle contractions in the gut. This means less of a chance to become constipated and backed up and less of a chance of leading to reflux symptoms. 

Be sure to check out my reverse reflux package. If you or a family member suffer from this indigestion please know that there are better and safer alternatives to medication. 

It's all about bringing your body back into balance. Give it the tools it needs and let your body heal. Health and healing are not complicated.