Do Fermenting Fairy Products Expire?

Several times a day I get a question along the lines of "How long do I have to consume these products before they expire?"
I love this question because it's an easy and also complicated answer. 
Because we use a wild fermentation process to create the BEST and MOST powerful probiotic foods on the market, as long as there is "food" for the microbes to eat, there is no expiration date...... However, from the date you receive them and every day after that they will change, continue to ferment, get stronger and increase in tangy flavor.

The increase in tangy flavor and carbonation does not mean they "went bad". It means they are alive and as long as the microbes have "food" (i.e. carbohydrates/sugars) they will continue to thrive keeping the product alive (and yummy). 

Now, many people will not like the taste of these ferments past a certain time. Again, use your best judgment and smell, but doesn't mean they are expired. It means that they have fermented past the point of they taste good. Some of my ferments, if they are fruit based, can turn to alcohol if left for too long: these include my lemonade and applesauce.

Here is a general guideline that I have created after making, consuming, and selling these Fairy magical products for 5 years: 
(These are guidelines for refrigerated items that are opened or unopened)
Kefir: 6 months 
Lemonade: 6 months
Sauerkraut: 6 months
Carrots: 6 months
Applesauce: 1 month
Kefir sourdough already made: two weeks in a bag on the counter

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